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“I swore I would never go into the business, but what chance does one stand against kismet? So, I bring you my Chinese kitchen from the depths of my heart & my family’s hearth”

Amy Poon

There is so much more to Chinese food than sweet and sour pork and dim sum! It has breadth and depth that is yet to be explored. As well as the wealth of regional dishes, there is an array of cooking techniques that is not yet familiar. Chinese food can also be surprisingly simple and you don’t necessarily need fancy kit to cook it at home.

It’s much more accessible than most people think. Chinese food is so much than nourishment for the body and sensations for the mouth, it is culturally an expression of love. The Chinese are not known to be tactile people but they express their love and affection through food.

Chilli Vinegar Dressing

Chilli Vinegar

This was created to be served with Poon’s renowned wontons at the Poon’s Wontoneria pop-up, launched at Stevie Parle’s JOY at Portobello in January 2021 for Chinese New Year. Bottled by popular demand, it is a twist on the Shanghainese ‘red oil’  wonton sauce that balances the sharpness of black vinegar with the heat of dried red chilli for a wonderfully versatile condiment. Try it drizzled over steamed vegetables, salads, poached chicken, grilled fish or noodles to give the simplest of suppers that extra pizazz.

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Chilli Vinegar Dressing

Chilli Oil

One of Bill Poon’s most popular sauce recipes, this is an aromatic oil infused with dried chillies and salted black beans. The result is an intensely savoury depth of flavour that complements the fiery chillies. It can be used as an ingredient to spice up home cooking or served as a condiment. Amy recommends stirring it through thick wheat noodles, wet still from the noodle water, for a Chinese take on  spaghetti aglio e olio.

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Soy Sauce

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Extract Soy Sauce

Made from non-GMO, organic soya beans, Poon’s soy sauce is pressed to order by a family-run business in Khaosiung, southern Taiwan, where the fertile soil and temperate climate provide an ideal environment for soya bean cultivation. The sauce is fermented in traditional earthenware jars before being pressed just once to extract the purest essence of the soya bean. The result is a singularly‘beany’ flavour. Its deep, complex savoury notes are robust enough for cooking yet fine enough for dipping.

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WO Sauce

WO Sauce

This Poon’s take on XO sauce replaces the traditionally used dried scallops and Jinhua ham with salted shrimp and Poon’s own wind dried bacon, which the family has been producing since 1971 to an old secret recipe. Expect an intensely savoury condiment that packs a punch. Of the name, Amy says: “We called it WO sauce because W is almost X – a bit corny but so am I. It has affectionately become known as “Woooooh Sauce” in my kitchen and with the chefs who have used it.

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